Kelly Holinshead is a professional photographer and the owner of The Shutterbug Gallery.  The gallery showcases brilliant examples of her exceptional photography. She is one of Muskoka’s leading photographers with a strong reputation for excellence in fine art, wedding, portraiture, and commercial photography.

kelly holinsheadKelly has been a professional photographer in Huntsville, Muskoka since 2000; The Shutterbug Gallery opened its doors in 2005.

Kelly’s signature fine art images incorporate a technique where she overlays various photographs of similar or varying subject matters, creating interesting and unusual textures and colors.   By implementing various photographic techniques, and shooting from unusual perspectives and angles, Kelly continually offers her viewers fresh views of iconic images.

As a member of one of Huntsville’s pioneer families, it’s no surprise that Kelly’s striking fine art photography so often mirrors the diverse and timeless beauty of Muskoka, but this sought after photographer has an abundant portfolio of work. It includes numerous exhibitions and a wide variety of professional projects as diverse as cookbooks, catalogues, brochures and product photography. Kelly has worked for editors and art directors of lifestyle, home décor and pet publications throughout Canada and the United States.

Kelly’s time off is spent with her husband and dogs, enjoying their property in rural Huntsville – of course, with camera in hand.