Nestled in the woods just 10kms from Downtown Huntsville, The Shutterbug Gallery will stir your senses.  In addition to a wedding portfolio that will make you want to get married all over again, the walls of the Gallery are filled with intriguing landscapes from Muskoka and beyond.

Although a member of one of Huntsville's pioneer families, Kelly is also an avid traveler, bringing home a local perspective on global scenes.  Her lens has captured extraordinary moments on several continents including camel wresting in Turkey, street scenes of Europe, villages in countries of Africa, petrified waterfalls in Mexico and various scenes in the Caribbean.  

Wander a trail with Kelly or relax by the lake after taking in some of the most original and intriguing landscape photography you will see in Muskoka.

Make time for an artistic stroll.  Just 10 minutes by car; you can call ahead 705-788-7392 for current hours.